git-git: The World's Smallest Git Plugin

I solved the most minor of my daily irritations by writing a git plugin. You can do it too!

GopherCon 2016: Go Without the Operating System

I spoke at GopherCon 2016 about AtmanOS, a system that allows you to run Go programs without a conventional operating system.

Contributing to Open Source Go Projects

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Use this workflow and you'll have your first contribution to an open source Go project merged in no time.

Recover Data from Production Backups with ActiveRecord

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Sometimes things go awry with production data and you need to recover. Here's one way to do it.

How to Request an Introduction

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Use these examples as a template for requesting an introduction.

Configure CircleCI for Go

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We've settled on a `circle.yml` for Go projects.

Configure Travis CI for Go

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The defaults are useful, but sometimes you need a bit more.

Install Linux on a MacBook Air

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A start-to-finish guide to installing Linux on your Apple hardware.

Where to Define Command-Line Flags in Go

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The common location to define command-line flags might not be the best.

Writing Go in Vim

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Learn how to set up Vim for writing Go.

Multi-Locale Cucumber Features

Your site is available in multiple languages. How do you write features that ensure everything works regardless of the language?

Using Devise? Want a faster test suite?

It's best practice to make your password hashes expensive to compute, but you probably don't need that in your test suite.

An XP Question

How do you budget and plan for projects while staying agile?

Laptop Driven Development

This is my preferred workflow for working on an 11-inch laptop.

Introducing Safarium

Safarium is a Chrome extension that makes it behave more like Safari.

FakeWeb for the Browser

Akephalos lets you block and stub external requests to keep test suites fast and reliable.